Since opening her doors over two decades ago Priscilla Leighton Clark has prided herself on boutique management style representation, boasting one of the smallest but most exclusive and sought after boards in Australia and throughout the world.

Her admirable reputation both locally and internationally has seen her represent some of the world's biggest names in modeling such as Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schaeffer, Linda Evangelista, Emma Balfour, Cheyenne, Tahyna Tozzi and Alice Burdeu.

In 2002 Priscilla's daughter Lizzi Leighton Clark joined her in the agency and today the family business mentality of the agency reflects in all daily dealings with models and clients alike.

Priscilla and her staff pride themselves on dealing with every situation with the utmost care, efficiency, understanding and professionalism. Every model career is carefully planned and approached with respect and understanding. As a result of this Priscillas Model Management boasts a board of models that have had long and prosperous careers both locally and internationally and a loyal and respectful client base throughout all areas of the industry.

As the agency affiliated with Fox 8's highest rating show 'Australia's Next Top Model' Priscilla provides a wealth of knowledge and experience. Having been chosen for her nurturing, highly ethical and staunchly protective reputation Priscilla and her agency provide a platform for the contestant to go on

to have highly successful international careers.

Priscilla's Model Management is renowned throughout the international fashion industry as one of the most successful and reputable agencies in the world and is sure to remain so for generations to come.